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We have suppliers that we pay for the work they do and we have Partners who understand our business and give more than their best to make sure we achieve success and surpass our goals!

Planning Media is a Partner for us!
— François R. - President @ EDPHY International


Perfect Execution. Guaranteed!

We have grown a passion for perfect execution, it is our brand promise! The success of an online marketing campaign defines itself on the quality of its architecture, its analysis, and its continuous optimization.



Our business relationship matters to us.

This is why we do not manage the Digital Marketing Campaigns of your competitors. Furthermore, we sign an NDA with you to keep your valuable business data 100% confidential no matter what happens.



The Highest Certification offered by Google.

We are a Google Certified Premier Partner. We invest a great deal of time in industry knowledge and into our team’s expertise. With an ever-changing business ecosystem, our experts must always be two steps ahead of everybody else in the industry.


Our Team


Dedicated to your success!

We make the difference. We work in partnership with you to help you surpass your sales objectives.





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For the industry leader in car leasing transfers.

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We Tripled our Sales with the same media budget thanks to Planning Media. Their operational intelligence and actionable industry data are a game changer. They are strategic advisors helping us make smarter business decisions.
— Tom L.