Intelligence & Execution that Achieve Your Business Goals.


Analysis, Strategy, and Optimization

We are not web developers. We are marketing experts. Our obsession is accurately measuring and influencing consumer behavior.

Our Expertise Includes →

  • Consumer behavior analysis

  • Developing new online marketing strategies

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

  • Customer journey and attribution in order to accurately measure results and data

  • Automation using our operational intelligence (rules, AI, scripts, etc.)

  • Google Analytics & Data Studio

  • Implementation of dashboards with key performance indicators

  • Access to our data intelligence center & industry research


New Client Acquisition

Whether you are a local business or a multi-national corporation, client acquisition is paramount. Trust our expertise with this endeavor so you can focus on closing deals.

Our Expertise Includes →

  • Google Ads (Search Engine Marketing) >

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • YouTube Ads

  • Local Presence (Google My Business)

  • Creation or optimization of your landing page(s)

  • Remarketing (target previously engaged audiences)

  • Intent based targeting (display & video ads)

  • Internal data targeting (customer match)


Brand Awareness & Influence

Do you want consumers to notice and love your brand? Our expertise in display, video, and social media advertising generates lift and brand recall.

Our Expertise Includes →

  • Google Ads (Display Ads & Display Ads 360)

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • YouTube Ads

  • Remarketing strategies

  • Custom & micro audience targeting

  • Surveys to measure “brand lift”

  • Creative services


E-Commerce & Retailers

Digital transformation is crucial for Retailers, yet a very complex task. More so, achieving e-commerce success is equally challenging.

Our Expertise Includes →

  • Product feeds

  • Google Merchant Center

  • Facebook Catalog

  • Bing Merchant Center

  • Shopping Ads

  • Dynamic Ads

  • Measurement of in-store foot traffic


A real team of experts who advise us using actionable data and execute strategies with perfection.
— David D. Precision Recruitment