Success Stories by Industry

Over 100 clients trust Planning Media’s expertise to achieve success with their online marketing investments. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to efficiently maximize their digital advertising campaigns.

With the same budget, we have tripled our conversion volume! All thanks to Planning Media.
— Tom L.


With an industry that is more competitive than ever, condo developers have turned to Planning Media’s expertise to generate traffic to their websites and acquire quality leads. In addition, Planning Media’s expertise and in-depth analysis has permitted them to understand their consumer behavior and influence consumer decision.


Multiple businesses offering products, software, and other business solutions have asked for guidance from Planning Media in order to acquire more clients and build their digital presence, data strategy, and lead nurturing process.


More and more online shopping stores have benefited from Planning Media’s expertise to increase traffic and sales on their online stores. Our experts have also amplified strategies to retain consumers and keep them engaged with our client’s brands.


Retailers in several product categories such as sports, tires, clothing, bicycles, mattresses, etc, trust Planning Media’s expertise to increase foot traffic to their stores and keep their customers engaged online.


Automobile Dealers and transactional online auto traders trust Planning Media’s expertise to position themselves online, acquire new customers, and maximize their sales of both new and used cars.


Multiple large food suppliers have been using Planning Media to create and optimize their digital marketing campaigns (Brand Lift & Recall). Our expertise in display, video, and social media advertising has increased their sales in grocery stores.

Our results make our reputation
— The Planning Media team